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‘Veins’ is the new album created by a glorious post-punk, chill, dark-wave band from Brooklyn, USA, called ‘Bootblacks’. The group’s name comes specifically from a description by William Burroughs of New York City’s seedy underground. The band members are: Panther MacDonald (Singer/keyboardist), Roger Humanbeing (Drummer) and Alli Gorman (Guitarist). The band’s front man, Panther MacDonald has the perfect vocals for this genre and they are already famous with several tracks. Their sound combines the intensity of bands like The Birthday Party and Sonic Youth with the catchy melodies of bands like New Order. It is now time to check out what this trio has to offer us under this new album which consists of ten full length tracks.

The album kicks off with the excellent, opener track ‘Colorblind’, contradicting its title, this track is one of the colorful tracks from the album as it starts with variety of musical instrumental that pops different colors of chill themed music into the listeners mind. The drumming gives of a positive vibe, even though it is the dominant factor in this track the vocals and guitar tones flows in steadily maintaining a mid-level tempo. The synth tones give the finishing touch to make this a full-fledged chill track. Moving on to the second track ‘Southpole‘, which is an instant favorite of mine and one of the best tracks from the album. The mood and tempo shifts drastically on this track when compared to the previous one, this track has a cool burst of chill energy to pump up the listeners. The guitar riffs and drums were in absolute sync, and amazing bass which surrounds the vocals. The vocals are clear and synced perfectly with the synth tones and other musical instrumentals, this is my first time listening to Mac’s vocals, just brilliant! Track number three, ‘Pastlives’ has a heavy atmosphere that breaks out strong with the dynamic instrumentals working wonders on the background. The somber story-telling like vocals gives of a melancholic vibe while the experimental tones boost the nature of the vocals, it is indeed a chill dramatic track. Track number four ‘Drift’ opens up with awesome synth loops that pulses in various tones slowly building up to a moving mid-tempo dance piece with some decent bass kicks and echoing whisper like vocals. The instrumentals dominate this track but the vocals play its part as required, this is totally a unique track in this genre and one of my favorites. ‘Always’ follows a moody and dark theme while remaining somber in vocal structure and lyrics, the tempo and synth compositions keep the listener moving. This track pokes the romantic nature of the album while maintaining its chillness and it is in fact one my favorites from the album.

At this point we've gained a great taste of what we're offered in this album, moving further deep in the album we are presented with the sixth track ‘Erosion’ which follows a somber style of vocals as well but the music on this piece is mixed heavy on the lows and so it's best to listen to it with plenty of bass to get the full effect of the kick drums and awesome lower synths. Track number seven ‘Sub’ is a fast paced track that opens with heavy, pulsing bass synths that makes way for the vocals with a resonating echo and reverb effect. ‘ABC’ starts with some serious brooding and heavy pulsating synths and deep, badass vocals dripping with blood thirst. The listeners will either love this track for its unfathomable mixture or hate it for drifting away from the chill nature. Track numer nine ‘Low Fantasy’ which sounds like something right out of a thrilling fantasy anime. This track, even though having catchy lyrics, it was only average in comparison. In the end it did miss something which is still mystery to me (may be it was intended to be) and the track fades away leaving behind mysterious vibe. The album wraps up with the final and the lengthiest track ‘Decoy’, the sheer beauty of this piece almost literally breaks my heart every time I listen to it, dreamy, heavenly music shimmers over simple, beautiful vocals expressing the heart-felt lyrics. This track creates a feeling of wanting more, which is absolutely genius and amazing feat to pull because not many albums can pull this effect in its last track.

Personally I enjoyed the first half of the album more, and really enjoyed the album. Mixing synths, super drumming, echoed guitars and impassioned singing forms the backbone of this band. There were certain tracks which were heavily experimented and gave a unique experience, but some of the tracks really hit the spot. Overall it's a great album, and one that is hard to find, don’t miss the chance if you are a fan of this genre. Personal favorites from the album are: “Colorblind”, “Southpole”, “Drift”, “Always” and “Decoy”.

Follow the link to bandcamp website which is provided below, this is indeed a free download: and you can follow them on twitter:


  1. Colorblind 03:51

  2. Southpole 03:42

  3. Pastlives 04:18

  4. Drift 04:39

  5. Always 03:13

  6. Erosion 03:07

  7. Sub 04:25

  8. ABC 04:09

  9. Low Fantasy 04:08

  10. Decoy 04:43 

    Rating: 8.5 /10 – Priyan T.

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