Before the Dawn - Deathstar Rising

Before the Dawn - Deathstar Rising
Before the Dawn
Deathstar Rising
Nuclear Blast

‘Deathstar Rising’ is the sixth album from the Finnish dark metal masters Before the Dawn, and I would say that they have delivered the goods once again. This band is kinda difficult to be tagged under one genre as it definitely is melodic Death Metal, but there are numerous gothic and atmospheric influences all combined neatly, making a great result.

The album sets the mood with a slow acoustic intro just to let the music take off a minute later with ‘ Winter Within’ which really combines all that Before the Dawn is known for. Heavy riffing, crunching guitars, melodic and dulcet leads blended with raspy brutal vocals and clean singing. From that point things are just getting better. The song that follows is ‘Deathstar’, which is also the band’s new promotional video.Definitely one of the best songs on the album, epic intro building up to a delightful melody accompanied by a ferocious delivery of brutal vocals leading to the chorus which is one of the best of the album, you can’t help to smile while listening to that song despite the dark and pessimistic lyrics. The songs follow the same pace from start to finish, with ‘Rememberance’ coming up next, this album does not let you down. As you dive deeper into the album the mysterious and atmospheric elements start to pop up especially on songs like ‘The Wake’ and ‘Sanctuary’ whereas the thrashy moments in the album shine especially on ‘Unbroken’ without missing the melodious and catchy choruses. The album closes with the epic ‘Wreith’ which transforms into a mellow acoustic outro following its end.

2011’s Finnish Metal Awards’ musicians of the year Tuomas Saukkonen is the band’s mastermind and he is undeniably a musical genious, as he comes up with tight riffs and expceptional lyrics. The band’s line up also consists of bassist Lars Eikind ( WINDS, JACK IN THE BOX) whose clean vocal are exclamatory on the album, who does an exceptional job with these morose and dramatic choruses and verses that he sings. On the lead guitar Juho Räihä (GLORIA MORTI, RIVERSIDE SYNDICATE) keeps it simple with slow but soulfull melodies and leads which definately boost up the songs. The newly-added drummer Atte Palokangas is great behind the kit, using clever ideas, weird time signature changes here and there and precise drumming.

The production of the album is raw and clear, reminding more of a live setting, there are not many layers of guitars and vocals and no effects whatsoever. The guitars have a nice heavy tone, the music is intense and to the point. The fact that the it is not overproduced has actually benefited the album.

With ’Deathstar Rising’ I can say that Before the Dawn have actually topped themselves. The musicianship is top-notch , the album won’t dissappoint  fans of melodic Death Metal and generally metal fans as it reeks heaviness with a great sense of melody and hooks . A great album indeed!

Standout tracks:Deathstar, Winter Within, Sanctuary
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1. The First Snow
2. Winter Within
3. Deathstar
4. Remembrance
5. Unbroken
6. Judgement
7. The Wake
8. Sanctuary
9. Butterfly Effect
10. Wraith

8/10  Lefteris K.

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