Dynamic Syndicate-Noises

Dynamic Syndicate-Noises
Dynamic Syndicate

Dynamic Syndicate are a rather new project,having been formed in Cologne,Germany,back in 2009."Noises" is their debut album,released by Echozone.They tend to categorise their sound as a crossover between electro punk and industrial rock.Their description seems pretty accurate,referencing bands such as The Prodigy,for example.On my behalf,I had no idea on what to expect,yet this band managed to grasp my attention,completely.In a good sense,that is.It is my belief,that it is relatively easy to fail,when trying to combine elements from different genres,altogether.Yet,that is certainly not the case when it comes to this band.

Their debut release portrays a confident,strongly focused group of musicians.Their sonic fountain is solidly based on cracking,distorted guitars,while repetitive beats and delicate synth lines,tend to ellaborate these compositions,in a chromatic sense,literally.Their strong point might be the fact that they have managed to distill their influences into merging a personal sonic character.The album opener,"Breakin' The Ice" wastes no time for introduction,starting heavily on delirious,metallic riffs,accompanied by striking drum patterns and whispered vocals."Into The night" on the other hand,is contrived of playful bass-lines,electronic bleeps and blatant,drenched in effects,vocals."Crashin' Down" adds some electro grooves to their sonic pallette,not forgetting to leave room for massive,rhytmic guitar phrases.Guitars seem to be such a crucial element to Dynamic Syndicate's sound.And this certainly stands out as a positive observation,on my behalf.

To summarize this,"Noises" is a tight,well-conceived and delivered,debut.Should they continue on the same path,expanding within their own criteria,I could certainly think that a bright future lies ahead of this band,indeed.For now,this is a completely satisfactory,anthemic work.I,for one,am pleased with it.

1)Breakin' The Ice
2)Out Of My Head
3)Into The Night
5)Crashin' Down
7)Blackened Sky
8)Take This
9)Bow Down

7.5/10     Isabelle S.

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