Emergency Gate - Remembrance: The Early Days ep

Emergency Gate - Remembrance: The Early Days ep
Emergency Gate
Remembrance: The Early Days ep
TZR / Twilight

For those of you familiar with european power metal, Emergency Gate should not sound totally unknown. They have already released four full-length albums since their creation in 1996 and we examine their new ep, entitled "Remembrance: The Early Days".

Their new effort begins with "Flawless Victory" and it is more than obvious that their everpresent poppy attitude will float throughout the album. The song exchanges between brutal and clear vocals, the lessons from In Flames have been properly studied but it remains typical and uninspired. The high-speed frenzy gives its place to a mid-tempo groove in "Searching For An Angel". Not for long though, as this song will also fasten towards the end, albeit with cheesy vocals and an annoying chorus repetition of at least 5-6 times. Emergency Gate play steadily well, but they sound happy to restrain themselves in easily-written (and of course easily-digested) melodies that have been chewed over one time too many.

Things get slightly better as "Silent Death" offers a really neat piano intro and an excellent drums' attack, but the meaningless and sleek lyrics quickly become a handicap that the band from Munich fails to overcome with their music. The next song, "Lipstick", is actually the first time that some innovation is shown, mainly from the rhythm section. The vocals here sound totally different, clear and melodic with an aggressive tone, they are mainly responsible for the excellent atmosphere that is at last created in the best song of the ep. Its structure is reminiscent of more old-fashioned bands from the other side of the Atlantic, something which seems to suit them better. The variety of influences continues in "Forest Of The Lost", but the good news here stop in its space guitar riff and keyboards. The barytone vocals are quite bad, but are easily topped from the drums, which sound completely out of place here. The sixth and final song, "Closing My Eyes", is a european ballad so awkwardly romantic that makes Klaus Meine seem passionless.

In all seriousness and without further ado, the big problem here is that the lyrics suck. They sound completely irrelevant with the band's harsh profile. The music becomes interesting and mildly innovative in just a few parts, but we would expect bigger consistency from such an experienced band. Most of the guitar solos are completely uninspired, the keyboards' fillings cannot save the day, overall a misstep this time from Emergency Gate. We are waiting for bigger and better things from them, as we know they can do. 

1. Flawless Victory
2. Searching For An Angel
3. Silent Death
4. Lipstick
5. Forest Of The Lost
6. Closing My Eyes

5,5/10   D.Damien

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