"Spacemusic" launches off with an astral suite/prologue,totally reminiscent of past kraut rock artists.Guessing by their members' names,this is propably a german band-something that explains the similarities to the kraut sound machine,perhaps?This band claims that none of the sounds assembled herein was conceived or created by synthesizers.A band of purists that is!But that is certainly not a bad thing-on the contary,to be exact!

"Echoes" is a great example of FX3 in action-mournful,monumental guitar playing,a bass guitar that almosts sounds epic,consistent drum beats-in other words a very tight band delivering a track that easily captivates the listener with its spacey voyage aura.Deeply inspiring,indeed!Their material could be divided in two parts(or sections,if you prefer!):songs in the vein of the aforementioned "Echoes"-ie,excursions into space rock jamming,floating freely and moody,without any-real-need for vocals.And secondly,heavier,almost metallic vibes,utilizing some vocals,in a sparse manner-"Das Licht" is a fine paradigm of the previous sentence.They succeed in both-in fact,I am very impressed,for sure!While I tend to prefer FX3's more psychedelic tracks,I need to say that the up-tempo,rocking parts give to this album a fresh sense,instead of repetition,that is.And while I am not a big fan of endless guitar solo-ing,I have to admit that this band's guitarist is an exception to this rule.This goes for lead and rhythm guitars,altogether.The musicianship is extraordinary by all means-great,adventurous bass playing and totally,addictively steady drums.

I could start a list of bands that came to mind,upon listening to "Spacemusic"yet this task is not necessary at all.By that,I mean that this is an album that stands out on its own.A certain recommendation,on my behalf,since I am a sucker for good surprises.

1.New World(Prolog)
5.New World
6.Das Licht
8.New World(Epilog)
  8.5/10         Isabelle S.
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