God.Fear.None - Over Black Clouds

God.Fear.None - Over Black Clouds
Over Black Clouds
Self Released

Greek melodic death metallers God.Fear.None have released their long-awaited third album ‘’Over Black Clouds’’ some months ago and all we can say is that it was worth the wait.
It’s no lie that GFN have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the metal community and is one of the most promising bands to come out of Greece, let’s see how they raised the bar with this album.

GFN plays melodic death metal mixing fast and slow songs with very melodic passages and choruses.  The songs throughout the album are very well structured with more weight pushed towards the musical proficiency of the band as the riffs are technical as hell yet very melodic. The band cites as influences  mostly  Swedish death metal bands such as In Flames, Dark Tranquility etc. but also more progressive bands like Nevermore , the high impact of these bands cannot be hidden in ‘’Over Black Clouds’’ which is blended with  a more modern approach. This album also features some amazing axe-work from some very respected musicians such as Steve Smyth (Forbidden, ex-Nevermore), Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino, ex-Machine Head) and Rob Arnold (Chimaira) but also the band got Thomas Englund of Evergray fame to sing in the chorus of ‘’War Lost’’ a quite amazing list indeed.

The production of the album is crystal clear, the band is very tight and accurate with many layers of guitars and vocals written which add to the hugeness of this album, and with some samples here and there to calm things a little bit. The band also features two new band members singer Vaggelis of Audioblast and Sinnik from  SlavEATgoD on lead guitar. The decision to recruit Sinnik was proven right as he is at full throttle writing wicked solos and awesome leads to the album which some of them overshadow the very special guests, for example the solo in ArgueThinkRepeat and of course the solo of Half a Man which is unbelievable! Jim the rhythm guitarist is unquestionably a riff machine producing riffs which can make you neck hurt from the headbanging but also focusing on the groove. Vangelis is a hell of a vocalist as his growls are pure death metal, singing with feeling, fury and passion. Looking at the rhythm section now, on  bass Bill is actually quite drawn back to the fury of the guitars, the bass adds a lot to the sound but not much to the music unfortunately. As far as the drums are conerned the clever ideas and changes are exceptional.

The lyrics of the album are very well-written dealing mostly with everyday and personal matters, some of them being against  an enemy (The Devour), some of them  try to  wake people up, referring to the ‘Break your shackles’ line from Confused or dealing with environmental matters (ArgueThinkRepeat), all in all enclosed in a nice digipack package.

The album has certain drawback as well. First of all some parts bear a great resemblance to songs by other bands for example the outro with the clean guitar on Ghost of a Chance is similar to the outro of Touch of Red by In flames. ‘’Over Black Clouds’’ is an awesome work but the Athenian quintet and you will be very satisfied from the first listen! The sure thing is that there are no black clouds in GFN’s sky! Go for it!

Standout tracks: Half a Man , Argue.Think.Repeat, Confused
Also check: In Flames, Arch Enemy, Nevermore

1. Becoming Nothing
2. Losing Prevenance
3. Ghost of a Chance
4. The Devour
5. War Lost
6 Argue.Think.Repeat
7. Confused
8. Bloodstained
9. Half a Man
10. Faded Room
11. Rain Falls
12. To My Dearest...Under Black Clouds

8/10 Lefteris K. 

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