Hooded Menace-Effigies of Evil

Hooded Menace-Effigies of Evil
Hooded Menace
Effigies of Evil
Relapse Records

'Effigies of Evil' is Hooded Menace's debut release on Relapse Records. The Finnish Doom/Death duo plays down-tuned guitars so heavily dark and at times so slow, that you can almost feel how they drag along dark damp dungeon floors. This is mixed together with melodic riffs and supported by the brutal guttural saliva drenched vocal. It all just comes together in a really enjoyable album. I hear clear references to old Paradise Lost, Candlemass and Cathedral, so if you like any of those I think you will like Hooded Menace.

'Vortex Macabre' really sets the mood for the rest of the the album with its slow dragging pace with beautiful light melodic riffs and faster head-nodding-friendly parts all mixed together for a great album opener. Horror movie samples is mixed in at the intro of some of the tracks and they fit quite well into the overall sound of the album. They have capture the old-school sound of the early doom/death bands and stirred it up just enough to make it interesting and new. That said, because of the songs consistent pace, structure, mood and the monotone vocal, the songs tend to blend together. The vocal, some might have troubles with, as it is really phlegm filled roars belched out from a cave troll, I however find it really suiting for the overall feeling of the album, and it is different in a good way.

'Vortex Macabre', 'Summoned into Euphoric Madness' and 'Evoken Vulgarity' stands out on this album in my opinion, they offer more to me as a listener in regards of pace changes and really enjoyable riffs. The mix of genres really appeals to me. It is certainly a homogeneous album, so if you like just one of the tracks, you will probably like the rest of the album too. This is an old-school mix of Doom/Death with a twist, and this is good!

1. Vortex Macabre
2. Effigies of Evil
3. In the Dead We Dwell
4. Curses Scribed in Gore
5. Crumbling Insanity
6. Summoned into Euphoric Madness
7. Evoken Vulgarity
8. Retribution in Eternity

 7/10  Majbritt Levinsen

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