Kalt - Dein Gott

Kalt  - Dein Gott
Dein Gott

It is crucial to start this review by mentioning an observation of mine:judging by recent releases,there is a number of artists/projects that seem to give a new sense to the genres affiliated to gothic rock.

A lot of names could be added in this circle:Merciful Nuns,Born For Bliss,Les Fleurs Du Mal and certainly,more..While it would be a sort of exaggeration to imply that there is some kind of goth scene resurrection going on(obviously,because it would be somehow untrue to declare that the goth genre had died-instead,it would be more accurate to say that this scene had been in a state of sleep for some years),yet there is an obvious tendency to explore these sonic regions,once again.Something clearly evident,not only because of the aforementioned bands and their peers,but also due to the fact that lots of parties referencing batcave themes are taking place across Europe,at least.

Kalt is the formation spawned by Garden Of Delight's guitarist,Michael York.Since Garden Of Delight had managed to achieve a cult status,among the goth bands of that period,some expectations were indeed raised,making me curious as to what this project would sound like.What certainly comes as no surprise,given the fact that Mike is a guitarist,is the leading role that guitars play in shaping Kalt's sound.What's more,most of the compositions contained herein manage to maintain an equal balance,in between of being reminiscent of the old glory days of goth and today's modern sound.Thus,Kalt could not be regarded as a retro band.Of course one could trace distant memories of legendary bands,such as Fields Of The Nephilim,or even Mission,at times."Farewell"could easily stand out as a highlight,introducing bits of pschychedelia interwined with fragile guitar melodies and a strong,circular bass-line,hence introducing new elements to Kalt's sonic output.Vocals are nice for the most part,they could be somehow more varied though..The title track comes as another gem,in my opinion,showcasing strong,effective guitars while also incorporating keyboards and a memorable,repetitive chorus.

As a summary of my previous words,this by all means ia good release.Not perfect perhaps,but something solid and honest,for sure.Should you wish to purchase it,I'd advise you to search for the limited edition,that contains a bonus mini-cd,contrived of 4 unreleased tracks,as well as some other memorabillia/gadgets(a sticker,plus a signed photograph of Mr.York).Nevertheless,the choice is up to you!

01.  Lebe
02.  Ancient Dreams
03.  The Darkness
04.  No Way Back
05.  Farewell
06.  Wie die Welt zusammenbricht
07.  Dein Gott
08.  Bildbeschreibung 1.2
09.  Fahr zur Hölle, Gott

7/10  Isabelle S.

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