Obduktion - Pain Chronicles

Obduktion - Pain Chronicles
Pain Chronicles
I For An I Records

Obduktion’s refreshed sound and roster have been summoned to frame the third full-length’s musical displacement. Synoptically, Pain Chronicles, is an anachronistic death metal view – be not hasty though, for this is a plus

Pain Chronicles, is, naturally, a death metal opus. Although the album’s content may be disgustingly close to (“traditional”) death metal’s very core, the density extracted just can’t be depleted yet. Obduktion spice it up a bit: flirting with brutal death metal (a less technical one, and without actually entering this musical portal), melodic leads nipping in (e.g. the gore-focused Eaten from Inside, the homonymous one, etc.), this breed one gets is a fundamentally death metal release, injected with bestiality, along with catchier interludes (Panic could be seen as an illustrative example)! This is an intriguing mix on its own (without this meaning that this is an innovative, sui generis release - of course). Moreover, the precision-oriented massive riffage, the ‘bang that head’ mid-tempo relentless drumming, quite/relatively modernize the album. However, it is the tight/fresh sound/ production that really make this album sound as of our era. So, this is about a musical genre, as seen in the past (early 90s) having been performed in synchronous terms, been executed through today’s musical language; a fair, anachronistic view.

Robert Kovacic’s addition as the drum kit rapist is not to be ignored. Its professionalism takes the band’s tightness to a whole new level, as his experience with Belphegor and Scaffold has rendered his drumming efficient, the least. His technical adequacy aside, the very drumming inspiration is decent, so drumming duties have been splendidly come to a certain completion. Mr. Kovacic’s main role is to spot a riff, approach it, then shape it. It’s the drumming that gives the riffage its character. Naturally, the ‘to be shaped’ material is the riffing (Obduktor), the massive, concrete, riffing (the only drawback is, that sometimes, the riffs, compared to one another, lack uniqueness) - the guitar lead parts are performed by Nick Vigkos. The bass lines though, are quite harsh to be distinguished. As for the vocals (V.O.T), the death grunts have an idiosyncratic calmness, concerning a death metal album. They are gravely heavy nevertheless, yet somewhat calm. In any case, they emit a sincerity (kind of a genuineness), that’s most welcomed!

Conceptually/ lyrically, Pain Chronicles is a gore, misanthropic manifesto that reaches to (be that a conscious choice or not) the ideal of futility. Quite the predictable thematic move, and that’s a minus. Furthermore, one can’t help but noticing that the lyrics are also repetitive (word recycling is prominent). On the other hand, the concept fits the band’s image/ attitude.

Summing it up, Pain Chronicles is an all in all, release of death metal largeness. I for an I Records & Media has made yet one wise choice, by recruiting these Athenians, continuing with applying the philosophy of having remarkable acts, the least; an accessible album, yet a butchering one. Approach it, you. 

Grade:  8/10

1. Demonic Methods
2. Morbid Curse
3. Eaten From Inside
4. Pain Chronicles
5. Panic
6. Necrotic Thirst
7. Semi Humans



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