Situs Magus-Le Grand Oeuvre

Situs Magus-Le Grand Oeuvre
Situs Magus
Le Grand Oeuvre
Avant-Garde Music

Situs Magus were a completely unknown name to me,to this day,that is.I suppose that I can assume that they are a new band,since this is their debut full length release.Judging by Avant-Garde's press release,what we are dealing here is a French group,associated with the current Orthodox Black Metal trend,which seems to have gained large popularity among black metal die-hards,in recent years.Since the leading cult of the aforementioned genre is obviously Situs Magus' compatriots,Deathspelll Omega,it is unavoidable not to presume that this band is in fact,greatly influenced by them.

This present release,"Le Grand Oeuvre",is divided into 4 lengthy sections,adding a small intro,that serves as a prellude efficiently.The shortest of their compositions exceeds the limit of 9 minutes,so as you understand,this is a recording that requires your attention,in order to be fully absorbed by the listener's impulses.Their style is complex,similar to that of Deathspell Omega,for example.Guitars define the final result,moving from intelligent black metal riffing,reminiscent of Thorns,to wet,drenched in reverb excursions..To keep the interest growing higher,Situs Magus balance their audio blasts,ranging fronm slow,doom-fueled segments,to furious,unrelenting,fast audio assaults.Vocals are sung almost in a death metal manor-deep,guttural growls for the most part.Again,this detail is something evident in Deathspell Omega,as well.The above comment does not imply that this band is a copycat-instead,they strife for a personal sound.One has to bear in mind though,that this is their debut.It is impossible not to track down their influences,for sure."Oeuvre au Jaune"provides a grand example of their sonic schisms.Entering a microcosmos of estranged,almost liquid guitars,verging on the front of paranoia,something made perfectly clear by the tempo alterations,even including a(small)ambient interlude."Oeuvre au Rouge" on the other hand,ends this album in the most manic way possible.Hollowed screams,dark ambient gestures,and an a overall sense of ascension,entwined with a more theatrical vocal approach-obviously inspired perhaps by Arioch's atonal performance in Funeral Mist.To conclude this,I need to state that this is a very good album of contemporary,intelligent black metal.Regarding the aforementioned black metal orthodoxy,while it is obvious that Situs Magus are not yet as profane or complex as the bands mentioned right above,one needs to aknowledge the fact that this album shows a lot of potential and inspiration.After all,it is difficult to produce something of great importance in a genre that has been over-stagnated.

This band is not far from that point of significance,I assure you!Thus,I must admit that I am quite satisfied by "Le Grand Oeuvre".And also,that I am very eager to catch up with this group's future evolution.

2)Oeuvre au Noir
3)Oeuvre au Blanc
4)Oeuvre au Jaune
5)Oeuvre au Rouge

 7/10   Isabelle S.

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