The Spoiled ‎-Ironshell (EP)

The Spoiled ‎-Ironshell (EP)
The Spoiled ‎
Ironshell (EP)
Manic Depression Records

Ironshell is a mini album from an Italian solo project titled “The Spolied” founded in the late 2015 by Giovanni Santolla. Its musical framework is a mosaic of darkwave, noise rock, dark ambient and industrial combined with a deep love for surrealist and horror movies and Decadent literature. Giovanni Santolla is a producer, vocalist, song-writer and a multi-instrumentalist with an immense talent for this unique mix of genres. Since this is a mini album it consists of only five tracks in total and they are all highly influenced by the instrumental nature.

The album introduces the listener to the first track titled “Die Hand Die Verletzt”, the makes its presence with a noisy disturbed atmospheric instrumental with a blend of unclear vocals which grows gradually for about a minute and finally kicks into the rhythmic drum beat that becomes rather enjoyable to listen to. This track has a lot going on and will definitely need a nice press to the replay button to understand the emotions portrayed in this track. The overall vibe of this track favors to a melancholic dark ambient tune which is accompanied by the noisy vocals. This track perfectly does justice to the album’s genre. “Empty Stations” is the second track from the album which kicks in with a fast paced 80’s influenced drum beats which gets embraced by a dark howling windy atmospheric instrumentals. The surreal vocals has a mesmerizing presence when accompanied by various layers of instrumentals. Overall, this track is perfect to bring out the listener’s heart rendering memories with a pain and one of my favorites from the album. Moving on to the third track “Wish House” which continues on in much the same vein (Noisy instrumentals are a signature), deviating in the overall emotions, where this track seems to fall on the more rage focused nature that calmly evolves over time. This track won’t fail to make the listeners get pumped up and work it all out and this track falls in my favorites list too. “Bloodleaves” is the fourth track from the album which has even more seriousness when compared to the previous track, this one has a slow paced vibe that just feels badass to listen to while still maintain a noisy bass filled ‘gong’ like effect that ripples across the track in a loop, this track makes the listener realize that this album has the ‘industrial’ genre as part of its composition.

The album introduces the final bonus track “Warszawa”, this was a song written by David Bowie and Brian Eno, originally released in 1977 on the album Low. This is a shorter version recorded by Giovanni Santolla as a little tribute to David Bowie. It's a great way to wrap up the album after four nice tracks. This track has a dreamy yet melancholic atmosphere with some ‘sparkles’ that makes the listener look above in the sky, lost in memories.

This is a great taste of new music from this band that has been just created an managed by the extremely talented artist, Hopefully there will be more to come in the future, but for now we have a mini album that's worth listening to and the tracks might even become a soundtrack in movies or a TV shows that follows a similar theme. This was a rare opportunity and one that others will not want to miss if they get the chance to download this album.

Favorites from the album include: “Empty Stations”, “Wish House” and “Bloodleaves”.

The album is available for streaming and download. For latest updates, check out the following Facebook link:


  1. Die Hand Die Verletzt 04:16

  2. Empty Stations 03:54

  3. Wish House 04:12

  4. Bloodleaves 06:36

  5. (Bonus Track) Warszawa (David Bowie cover) 04:17 

    Rating: 8 /10 - Priyan T.

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