Symbolic - Scarvest

Symbolic - Scarvest

Symbolic are a band emerging from Germany.Judging by their photo here, I initially thought that this must be a group of metalcore musicians. After listening to "Scarvest", their second release, I would tag them as being a melodic death metal band,with some metalcore ingredients added in the mix, as well.

My first conclusion concerning this cd, is that it has been perfectly recorded. And I mean it in every possible sense:in fact,all instruments are heard clearly here. Vocals are delivered in a deep,bass-ladden manor, topping this band's material effectively. I should also add that one of the main accomplishments of this band is their persistence on rhythm variations.this somehow gives a fresh aura to their compositions. On the other hand though, it is impossible not to mention that their sound somehow sounds typical to my ears. By that, I mean that while Symbolic possess some strong ideas of their own, their sound is not yet as distilled as it should be,in order to gain recognition as a ground-breaking band, in a genre that suffers of repetition.Of course there are strong points here:"The Greed" is a very well crafted song,that allows a thrash influence to be shown, forming a balance between good riffs, solid rhythm section and angry vocals. Further on,I would say that Symbolic have a level of musicianship that shows that they have rehearsed quite a lot! But, unfortunately,their compositions would benefit more,taken that there would be more "surprise elements" here. They do seem to have the potential needed,all they need to do is to develop a more personal sound,by blending their influences together

As a conclusion,"Scarvest" is a good one,that certainly creates some promises for the future.

2)The Greed
3)Achilles' Sons
7)Down To Zero
8)7H8P 7P 5H7

6/10       Isabelle S.

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