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 Syndro-Sys is a Dark-electronic-Gothic-Industrial-Metal band from France, formed officially in 2013 by a group of likeminded trio. Recently, they have released a full length album titled “Corportaion”. They have grabbed attention from many fans from this genre with their single track “MUD and Blood” earlier in 2014. X.] S.T [. X (Programming/Keys/Guitar/Production), Jessy Christ (Vocals/Lyrics) and Fenrir (Bass) are the members of this band. With so much going on it’s time for me to join the ‘corporation’ with an evil grin in my face.  

 “Exorde” starts off the album as a short introductory piece that slowly builds to a mid-tempo paced track with layered electronics and piano providing the perfect backdrop for the strict drumming beats. There is nothing much to grasp here since this is an instrumental only track (like most intro’s). The second track is titled “Mud and Blood”, this one is mixed with layers of various synths and even a bit of the experimental elements mixed in for an overall energetic mood and texture. Jessy’s vocals sync amazingly well with this track and the metal influenced guitar and drums provides a perfect back-drop to her solid vocals. The vocals give it a cold, hybrid-hypnotic feel while maintaining its gothic gene. This track is definitely a stellar piece from the album and I have been listening to this one on repeat for a while now. Launching the third track from the album “Cobaye”, this is an amazing track that caught me at point blank range with its sci-fi robotic vocals and intense electronic flashes, honestly for some strange reason I thought that there wouldn’t be any track that came close the previous tracks badass vibe and this track proved me wrong. This track will teleport the listeners to a sci-fi environment while embracing their ears with mind rendering vocals, there are various experimental synths and siren like effects throughout the track which strengthens the industrial nature of the track. I love the transitions from one style to another, this is a keeper for me (listening on repeat again!). Moving on track number four “Pious Company” has one of the most extraordinary intro, but the overall track was average according to me as it was too simple even though it had some eccentric synths emerging from various directions. Honestly, after listening to previous amazing tracks, my ears wouldn’t accept anything less from this album.  

 My Bad Faith” is the fifth track from the album, this track is a unique piece from the album as it has some really amazing synths on it (I call it spooky-goose bumps triggering synths). I loved the track obviously as I wanted to listen to it again. The drum and guitar works sticks well with the electronic tones, the vocals sync without any problem and the track is perfectly paced. “Corporation Lesson” is placed sixth in the album, it is another short instrumental which would make a good back ground music for a gothic corporation but there is nothing much to note here other than that. Moving on to the seventh track from the album “New Reign” which pulls the listeners back to its dark gothic industrial fantasy. The vocals did wonders here but the synths and other experimental tones lost its badass vibe as I moved deeper into the track. “Burst Them Eyes” wraps up the album giving the listeners a final track that can be marked as a favorite from the album. This track introduces darker elements with stunning background instrumentals and Jessy's killer hybrid vocals leads the track to perfection.  

 Right from the start, I loved the overall Gothic-industrial style and sound from these guys but the album could have achieved higher rating if it had drifted in the same direction as the second and third track and it could have had more tracks since it is a LP. This is an excellent group to check out and I’ll be watching this band with great interest in the coming years. 

 Check out these tracks first: “Mud and Blood”, “Cobaye”, “My Bad Faith” and “Burst Them Eyes”

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  1. Exorde (01:14)

  2. Mud and Blood (03:56)

  3. Cobaye (05:00)

  4. Pious Company (04:04)

  5. My Bad Faith (04:32)

  6. Corporation Lesson (01:46)

  7. New Reign (03:43)

  8. Burst Them Eyes (04:00)   

    Rating: 7.5 /10 – Priyan.T

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