Vendemmian - One In A Million

Vendemmian - One In A Million
One In A Million

Both Vendemmian members are music veterans, who after a long-time musical break strike back to spare us some gothic sound, a sound that’s been missed as of late – with all these hybrids being released every day.

Vendemmian is an outfit pretty loyal to the goth and post punk soundings, a music that’s been dearly missed by several listeners, a charmingly melancholic album, free of experimentations, sincere, simple and pleasurable at the same time. It may sound as a release that should have been out two decades ago but little does this matter, for they don’t need to prove themselves to anyone, either way they kind of have a seat reserved in this musical genre’s fans’ hearts, so, a release of theirs would always be quite the moment for this audience. They aren’t many, those who are able to so easily externalize their emotions: melancholy, an artistic denudation, simplicity, a black-dark landscape that’s been painted with each and every note this band performs. This landscape actually resides in the listener’s fertile psychological ground, and he/ she feels beautiful, encaged in their atmosphere.

A musical landmark for the goth wave fan with no redundant musical information, an album that places all to their rightful musical position, concerning the goth scene. “Simply exceptional”.

01. One In A Million
02. Hollow Inside
03. I’m Falling
04. The Other Side Of Me
05. Shine On
06. Walk Away
07. Heaven
Better Than Everything
09. Innocent
10. Sea Of Colours

9/10  Kostas Sotiriou

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