William Control - Noir

William Control - Noir
William Control

William Control is an American electronica band and the side project of Aiden's Wil Francis it has released two albums, "Hate Culture" and "Noir", the latter of which was released on June 8, 2010. On July 13, he released a spoken word track "Eleonora`" (written by Edgar Allan Poe) on iTunes. He later released "The Tell Tale Heart" on September 13, "The Oval Portrait" on October 15, and "The Raven" on October 30, all of which are also written by Edgar Allan Poe.

The song from the album, "I'm Only Human Sometimes" is the first and only single released to promote the album. The album opens and closes with spoken-word pieces that makes an atmosphere and prepare you for that you will hear. But the songs in between are pretty groovy for the most part. The album has a surprisingly decent cover of Elvis standard Can’t Help Falling in Love. A very good effort in our opinion. Soliloquy is a beautiful acoustic ballad. The other songs have Goth and EBM sounds but every song has different style and his voice makes you dream. Some songs make you dance. It is an enjoyable and different album from what we have used to hear. It is a very good effort to get out of the ordinary EBM sounds and to hear that album with pleasure. The album seems to have influences from New Order, David Bowie, and Bauhaus. It is worth to check it out.

Une Annonce
All Due Restraint
I'm Only Human Sometimes
Can't Help Falling In Love
Why Dance With The Devil, When You Have Me?
My Lady Dominate
Dorian Gray

8,5/10 Lucy+Purplekittie

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