Zentaura-Made With Blood

Zentaura-Made With Blood
Made With Blood
Art Gates Records

 Enough eyeing at the album art already, I say that and yet I can’t stop admiring the sheer beauty of it. Ahem…Now, let’s get down to business, I personally love Goth, Industrial and Metal music and I stumbled upon a new band that produces music which can be categorized into ‘Gothic-Industrial Metal’ genre, “Zentaura” is their name. I can’t wait to check them out! Digging upon some facts from the internet it seems that this band was formed around 2012 by a trio hailing from Madrid – Spain. The band members are: Javi Calígula (Vocals), Saints (Guitars) and Zeth (Bass), Morgana Bast (responsible for the artwork) gives life to the art work. Time to experience some serious industrial dark metal music.  

 The album opens its path by prompting the listener to “Enter” (which is the title of the first track from the album) and as a listener I was teleported somewhere deep inside the dark elemental vibe. I get goose bumps all over when I listen to this track, this is one of those albums which captures the listener’s heart from the start! The quality and the dark badass attitude of the music justifies their claim “We create music which we like to listen”, when I first came across what they had told I thought they are just being egoistic but with this kind of talent they can be as egoistic as they want, it feels awesome already. Coming back on details of this first track, it has some deep industrial tones and includes an epic female chorus in middle of the track. It would increase the badass nature of any gothic super villain equipped with this track, heck, even writing a review feels badass with this piece of music. Track number two “My Vampire Eyes” starts off with resonating industrial pulse and fades towards the guitars. This is the first track which introduces the dark industrial male vocals and my thoughts are, well, it’s definitely proper for the genre of music but something felt awkward about the synchronization of the music and the vocals, overall this track was ‘Okay’ and moving on to the next track “The Poker” opens with an gothic echo announcement and the synchronization was better than the previous track, still, it can be improved. I loved the lazy dark gothic tone at certain parts with raving tones on this track which gave an electrifying chill nostalgic vibe and the music just kept getting better. The most anticipated track, “Made With Blood” named after the album introduces edgy electro-goth sound and powerful synths being driven by heavy beats. This track brings out feelings of a horror movie. I liked it. “My Goddess” are they referring to the Goddess on the album cover? Anyway, I loved the overall feel of the track and his vocals are phenomenal and filled with dark melancholy emotions. The guitar work was stunning and filled with ravish smooth bass. Track number six “Insomniac Nights” Again! The music is great, but the sync was not at all logical. It’s just that I really love the vocals but the bad sync gets on my nerves, they could do amazing stuff with this kind of vocals. Moving on to an underrated track from the album, “Fuck U” I hope they would have added a track advisory saying ‘The following music contains themes and vocals not suitable for very young audiences…’ Just kidding, this is cool and young audiences need to close their ears. This track has the potential to be one the favorites for many fans of this genre, well, I think I will enjoy it for the moment for all the guitar bass and amazing composition. Track number eight “Toxic People” creates a brooding and heavy atmosphere perfect for a chemical chaos (with all those awesome chemic-synths). The vocals were alright, again, the sync seems to be a bit off here and there. Amazing guitar work, and would have to be the best instrumental in the album. Hitting the final official track from the album, I experienced a gothic explosion tone which gives way for the ghastly stoned vocals to take over. The track remains hypnotic with synth loops Shockwave-ing throughout bursting with energy. Dance material located.  

 Track ten, eleven and twelve are bonus tracks from the album, I love the instrumental version of “My Vampire” without the bad sync vocals it sounded just brilliant. I wish they had made the instrumental versions of every track. The ambient version of “My Goddess” is such a dark ambient beauty! The emotional intensity is turned up a notch with this track when compared to the official version. The nature of the track is mesmerizing and I can't pull myself away once it begins to play. As we drift along and hit the final bonus track, which is a remix of one my favorite track from the album “That’s a Rain” is certainly a track with dance elements filled with catchy rhythm and the electronic loops pulsating over, I enjoyed it to the core. This wraps up the album in what will be another solid item in any fans collection.

 This band is an excellent new discovery and this album has got amazing music. Favorites on this album are nearly every track. As I listened to it over and over again, my only complaint is about the vocals. I’m not saying the vocals ruin the album or anything. I love the vocal tone of Javi Calígula and I love the music too, but there is something odd when they are combined, feels like something is a bit off here. I can easily play the entire album just for the music (I can’t express how much I love their music). They can use tracks like “My Goddess” and “That's a Rain” from the album as a reference for improvement because according to me they need to move on that path to achieve a 10/10 rating. Hope they tweak this peculiar little flaw in their upcoming albums. Pick this album and release the Zentaura folks!  

 Favorites from the album: “Enter”, “The Poker”, “My Goddess”, “That’s a Rain” and “My Goddess (ambient version)”, quite a handful isn’t it?  

 They are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zentaura-429591860521274/


  1. Enter

  2. My Vampire Eyes

  3. The Poker

  4. Made With Blood

  5. My Goddess

  6. Insomniac Nights

  7. Fuck U

  8. Toxic People

  9. That's a Rain

  10. My Vampire Eyes (Instrumental Version) (Bonus Track)

  11. My Goddess (Ambient Version) (Bonus Track)

  12. That's a Rain (Electronic Remix) (Bonus Track) 

    Rating: 8.5/10 - Priyan T.  

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