ZEROZONIC – Aftersane

ZEROZONIC – Aftersane
Self Released

Last autumn saw the release of ZEROZONIC’s third album, ‘Aftersane’ which is labeled by the band as the most aggressive and heaviest ZEROZONIC album to date. Featuring guitar player Daniel "Peisy" Olaisen in their ranks, known from more extreme acts like SATYRICON, whom served as their live guitarist between 1996 – 1999 and while still playing in the Norwegian death metallers, BLOOD RED THRONE, this is Peisy’s personal creation and true musical outlet as his long time passion for groove metal is undeniable. and formed ZEROZONIC in 2004. After a number of line-up changes over the years, ZEROZONIC are now stronger than ever. With the band’s inspiration at high levels the music is could not have been more groovy, compelling, heavy and thrashy than it is with their latest offering.


It seems that ZEROZONIC are on fire with this third album. They are firing on all cylinders and it definitely shows as the songs are induced with pure metal madness. If you are seeking for some sophisticated or experimental musical overload I am afraid this is not the case as ZEROZONIC show their cards from early on with ‘Aftersane ‘ and their pure, aggressive and groovy metal, with the album opener, ‘Party Pandemonium’ being a good representative of what the band is all about. Although the music does not feature and specific guitar gimmickry or any virtuosic demonstration, Peisy is a very efficient guitar player, incorporating technique and strange time signatures (on songs like ‘Something to Be’ and ‘Never Back Down’) without letting it take something away from the album’s directness and destructive nature. The songs are rousing and infused with energy like an apparatus that compresses and fuels this electricity. The guitar riffs are simple and varied, and every solo is well composed and dosed with melody, while the angst ridden vocals of Arvid Tjelta are a breath of confrontation and defiance.


Ultimately, this album and band is nothing close to the likes of SATYRICON or BLOOD RED THRONE and it is not supposed to sound like the aforementioned bands. While not being particularly a mind-blowing album in terms of originality, it is definately a commendable collection of straight, in your face metal songs that will surely quench one’s threatening instincts in a vigorous way. If you like your metal honest, aggressive and heavy as hell then ’Aftersane’ is the album for you.


Standout tracks: Party Pandemonium, Never Back Down, Something to Be

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7/10 Lefteris K.

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